Ireland’s Unquenchable World Class Vaccine Uptake Will Bring About Further Easing Of Restrictions

Tony Holohan - Chief Medical Officer

Ireland’s vaccine uptake rates are among “the best in the world“, and because of that the Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan says that the country might very well be in a position “in the coming weeks” to move away from some economic and social Covid-19 restrictions, on a day when 1,408 new cases of Covid-19 were reported in Ireland.

Despite the high daily case number its reported that only 2% of cases are currently being hospitalised, attributed to the “great progress being made in taking up vaccination“, by the the C.M.O. by way of a statement.

Dr Holohan took a positive outlook on the situation this evening “We have reasons for optimism. Obviously we’re continuing to see very high levels of vaccination in all of the age cohorts that have come forward for vaccination and have registered.

If we keep pushing on with the kinds of uptake rates we’ve seen in some of the older age groups, which by international standards are some of the best in the world, that gives us a lot of reason for optimism that the conditions that we think will need to be satisfied to allow us to move away from some of the restrictions that still remain in place could be met.

He also suggested some relief is in the offing for many struggling businesses as long as the vaccine roll-out is maintained….

The higher we go, the better the protection we have and the sooner, frankly, we’ll be out of all of this in the sense of at least some of the economic and social restrictions that still remain in place.”

In broad terms, I think given the progress we’re making in terms of vaccination, notwithstanding where we’re at with the disease, we think that we might in the coming weeks be in a situation where we’re able to reach the kinds of requirements that we think need to be reached to enable us to move away from some of the economic and social restrictions.”