Leo And BoJo Hold First Phone Pow Wow

Boris - Leo

The Taoiseach has told the British Prime Minister in their first phone call as respective national leaders today that the backstop is necessary as part of a Brexit agreement.

Leo Varadkar and Boris Johnson have spoken for the first time – just six days after BoJo become UK leader!”

The Taoiseach reiterated the EU stance that the Withdrawal Agreement could not be reopened.

He restated the need for both governments to be fully committed to the Good Friday agreement and restoration of power sharing in the north.

Meanwhile Mr. Johnson reaffirmed his commitment not to have checks or infrastructure at Irish border in any circumstances.

Leo Varadkar congratulated the Prime Minister on his appointment and invited him to Dublin.

As part of the dialogue from the phone conversation today, No. 10 released the following from the PM’s perspective…. ”On Brexit, the prime minister made clear that the UK will be leaving the EU on October 31, no matter what.

He said that in all scenarios, the government will be steadfast in its commitment to the Belfast agreement and will never put physical checks or physical infrastructure on the border.”