Man Jailed For Seven Years For Killing His Father In Dublin


A man has been jailed for seven years for killing his father in a drunken row in Dublin.

Mark Tims of Rowlagh Green in Clondalkin stood trial for murder, but was convicted of the lesser charge of manslaughter.

On July 13th 2018, Mark Tims was 47 and living with his father Anthony at the home he grew up in.

Their relationship was described as “difficult” and at times “volatile”.  His trial heard a row broke out when his father returned home after spending the afternoon in his local pub, on what was his 74th birthday.

Anthony was in good form, but told his son he was a “disappointment” and a “waster” after Mark mocked him for cremating their breakfast that morning.

At hearing this, Mark claimed he just lost it and beat him across the head with a mug. He said he kicked him three times as he lay on the kitchen floor.

He was acquitted of murder, and jailed today for seven years for manslaughter.
Mr. J Tony Hunt said his father was entitled to enjoy his well-earned retirement, but instead he was cruelly deprived of that opportunity.

He also considered the fact he left him there, and went drinking with a friend in a nearby green area, where he was later found hiding in some undergrowth as an aggravating factor.