New Housing Scheme For Low Earners To Offer Homes For €116K

New Housing Scheme For Low Earners

A new housing scheme in Dublin will allow people to buy apartments starting at €116,000.

Dublin City Council has offered three council-owned sites on the northside to developers.

The new affordable housing scheme will allow low and middle-income earners to buy the homes.


The three sites, two in Ballymun and one in Ballyfermot will include enough space for the construction of over 370 homes.

The Irish Independent reports that the one-bed apartments in Ballymum are expected to start at €116,000.

A four bedroom house will cost around €232,000.

Prices will be higher on the Ballyfermot site, located south of Cherry Orchard Hospital.

A spokesperson for Dublin City Council said that the current prices are based on present market value and may change at the time of completion of the project.