No Deal On Brexit Today


There will be no Brexit deal today. It had been hoped enough progress had been made to put a deal on the table over the border with Northern Ireland.

After talks with British Prime Minister Theresa May, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker says there’s more work still to do

Arlene Foster says the DUP will not accept any regulatory divergence over the border with Northern Ireland. Ms Foster also said N.I must leave the EU on the same terms as the rest of the UK. Insiders at 10 downing street had alluded earlier to positive signs from the DUP.

A special situation was anticipated for Northern Ireland as Leaders met in Brussels. Leaked documents suggested Northern Ireland’s laws wouldn’t change from key EU regulations, which would avoid a hard border.

The Taoiseach spoke with European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker earlier ahead of his meeting with Theresa May. Mr Varadkar expressed his disappointment at the failure of the talks to reach a deal. He said he respected the DUP’s opinion but maintained that they were only one party in a broader political spectrum in Northern Ireland.

The headache continues for May as Nicola Sturgeon has said Scotland should be allowed to “effectively stay in the single market” following reports that Northern Ireland and the Republic could maintain regulatory alignment after Brexit.