Politician Rounds On DAA Who’s ‘Rubbish’ Contracts Helped Bring About Airport Bedlam

Richard Boyd Barrett - T.D.- People Before Profit - Dun Laoghaire

People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett says security staff are not afforded the respect they deserve amid the chaos seen at Dublin airport in recent days and weeks.

The PBP representative for Dun Laoghaire has said that the contracts being offered by the DAA mean workers don’t know how many hours they will be have to work in a given week.

He’s described the offer of “absolutely rubbish” contracts to workers as one of the reasons for the chaos for passengers at Dublin Airport according to the Irish Examiner.

Thousands of travellers were forced to queue outside airport terminals, in some cases for over four hours to check in on Sunday, with more than 1,000 people missing flights.

He has blasted the authority for making redundant hundreds of employees during the pandemic before trying to replace them with ”absolutely rubbish, flexi, low paid contracts and that is at the heart of the chaos“.

Meanwhile ministers will continue daily engagement with the DAA until issues at Dublin Airport are fully resolved.

Minister Eamon Ryan and Junior Transport Minister Hildegarde Naughton received an update on the plans to manage the passenger experience this weekend.

The DAA plan to improve queue management; maximise the availability of staffing resources; and increase the number of security lanes at peak times.

The authority also indicated that that they are currently finalising operational arrangements for reimbursements for passengers who lost out on flights on Sunday.