Seven Covidiots Ignore Warnings To Breach Restrictions Endangering Lives

And So It Begins As Level 5 Kicks Off Nationwide
A Garda Covid-19 Checkpoint during Operation Fanacht

Gardaí conducted 150 permanent checkpoints, over 500 shorter and mobile checkpoints, as well as a large number of high visibility patrols at tourist locations, natural beauty spots, and parks and beaches during Operation Fanacht held between Wednesday of last week and Bank Holiday Monday.

Gardaí say that the vast majority of people had adhered to the public health guidelines.

However despite receiving a number of warnings, there were seven cases where people did not adhere to the guidelines and the regulations.

In addition, there were 144 COVID-19 related incidents that started as potential breaches of the regulations, but during the incidents other offences were disclosed.

As such, long-standing legislation for offences such as public order, assault, road traffic, and drugs was used instead.

This included incidents involving house / street parties, gatherings beyond the family unit, and non-essential travel.

, Seven Covidiots Ignore Warnings To Breach Restrictions Endangering Lives
Garda Commissioner Drew Harris

“There was a very high level of compliance with the public health guidelines over the Easter weekend. I want to thank the public for that. This has helped saved lives. We now need people to continue that high level of compliance over the coming weeks. Working together we can reduce the spread of COVID-19,” said Commissioner Drew Harris.

“Regrettably, there was a small minority who did not adhere to the guidelines or other legislation and Garda members had no option but to use the regulations or other legislation. This demonstrates the need for the regulations not only from an enforcement point of view, but also to support those who are willingly living their lives in line with the public health guidelines,” added Commissioner Harris.

Operation Fanacht also had the consequence of improving road safety and there were a number of detections across the weekend in areas such as speeding and drug/drink driving.