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Police Say Dissident Republicans Behind Murder Plot In Armagh

Police in the North say dissident republicans are behind a suspected plot to murder officers in Craigavon. A large bang was heard...

BAI Set To Police Video On Facebook, YouTube And Twitter

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland is set to police video content on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. That will begin in September...

Rookie Police Officer Praised After Chasing Off Raiders In Underwear

A newly recruited and off-duty police officer has received praise when he chased away four armed raiders. That was while he...

Irish Charity Worker Found Dead In Cape Town

Irishman John Curran has been found dead in his apartment in Cape Town. The charity worker had spent the two years leading...

Pet Cat Brings A Bag Full Of Drugs Home To...

Look at what the cat dragged in. A cat owner in the UK was shocked when their pet brought home a...