Aer Lingus Cancels MOST Afternoon Flights from Dublin Airport To Europe + UK


It’s after a cloud-based systems-failure caused what the airline is describing as ‘a major incident’.

There are some exceptions….

Flilghts to Portugal and Spain ARE STILL departing – with delays.

And flights that were due to leave this morning are being processed manually by staff – and may get out later today.

Teena Gates reports:

Aer Lingus says its cloud-based systems for check-in and boarding are unavailable due to a major incident with a UK network provider.

its website is also down, preventing the airline communicating directly with customers.

It’s apologising sincerely to all impacted by the disruption – adding that their UK provider has not been able to give an estimate for when services will be restored.

Impacted customers will be able to change travel plans free of charge and be re-accommodated, once systems are restored.