Anti-Mask Homophobic Neanderthal Terrorises Staff At Dublin Coffee Shop

Butlers video - Credit: DublinLive

A video of an anti-masker viciously berating an employee at a Butler’s coffee shop in Dublin is being widely shared across a host of platforms on Tuesday and with it, a natural revulsion by people towards the disgusting and mindless behaviour from the cretin involved.

Standing brazenly in front of the shop’s anti-covid protective screen, it shows the unhinged customer with zero inhibitions towards his obvious stupidity and mental incapacity, spewing verbal diarhorrea at an employee of Butler’s at its very busy College Green outlet in the city centre.

The man, who was also filming a video on his own phone, hurled homophobic slurs at the worker after being asked to wear a mask in the shop. Having left the premises after asking where he could get a mask, he returned more amped than ever, surging forward with a volley of expletive addled homophobia, while asking if the shop staff had children in a somewhat sinister manner.

He also threatened to contact gardaí and the manager during the incident, before he stormed off.  It was reported that he left before assaulting a random passer-by on the street outside according to the Irish Mirror. The video was recorded by another customer in the café.