Ashling Murphy Murder Trial Hears How Accused Told Gardaí ”I Am The Murderer”

Ashling Murphy
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The jury in the Ashling Murphy murder trial has heard Jozef Puska told Gardaí “I am the murderer.”

33-year-old Mr. Puska, of Lynally Grove, Mucklagh, Co. Offaly, denies the schoolteacher’s murder along the banks of the Grand Canal in Tullamore on January 12th, 2022.

Detective Sergeant Brian Jennings from Birr Garda Station gave evidence of two interactions he had with Jozef Puska while he was in St. James Hospital on January 14th 2022.

In the first interaction Detective Sergeant Jennings said they spoke to Mr Puzka about being driven up to Dublin, and a taxi trip to Blanchardstown where Mr Puzka claimed he was attacked by two men.

Here, he told the jury JP speaking freely – interpreter struggling to keep up with him and that he was fully awake and engaging.

Later that evening, Detective Sergeant Jennings re-entered the hospital with another colleague who had a search warrant.

They arranged an interpreter and said the murder of Ashling Murphy was on the warrant.

Detective Sergeant Jennings then said it was here that Mr Puzka asked was he a suspect, later through the interpreter said “I did it, I murdered, I am the murderer.”

Detective Sergeant Jennings said he offered Mr Puska a solicitor, which he accepted and went on to ask if his name or address would be published – and asking if his family was safe.

The jury of nine men and three women heard he had been cautioned while making these statements.

The trial continues.