Blur’s Graham Coxon Confirms New Autobiography Details


Graham Coxon has confirmed details for his upcoming autobiography.

The book which is titled ‘Verse Chorus, Monster’, will arrive on October 6 via Faber. It can also be preordered here.

A preview of this autobiography was also shared via Coxon’s Twitter account. See below.

Coxon autobiography “an intimate, honest reflection” 

Graham Coxon’s memoir has also been described as “an intimate, honest reflection on music, fame, addiction and art by one of Britain’s most iconic musicians”.

A press release has also explained, “Among the noise and clamour of the Britpop era, Blur co-founder Graham Coxon managed to carve out a niche to become one of the most innovative and respected guitarists of his generation – but it wasn’t always easy”. 

“Graham grew up as an Army kid, moving frequently in his early years from West Germany to Derbyshire and Winchester before settling in Colchester, Essex. A shy child, he had a thing for eating soil and drawing intense visions; his anxiety was tempered by painting and a growing love of music”. 

It also added, “These twin passions grew into obsessions, and as he honed his artistic skill at school, Goldsmiths and beyond, his band with school friend Damon Albarn, fellow art student Alex James, and a drummer called Dave Rowntree began to get noticed”.

“But there are things they don’t tell you before you get famous. There are monsters out there. And some may even be lurking inside yourself”. 

More News On Blur

Back in April, Graham Coxon’s Blur bandmate and Gorillaz co founder Damon Albarn was welcomed to the stage of Coachella by singer Billie Eilish.

Introducing him as “Gorillaz’s Damon Albarn”, Eilish also told the audience, “This man changed my life in a lot of ways, and changed my complete view of what music could be and what art could be and what creation could be”. 

She added, “My first favourite band ever was The Good, The Bad And The Queen when I was six years old, and Blur changed the world and f*****g Gorillaz changed the world, and this man is literally a genius and that’s that”. See more from this Nova report here.