Bon Jovi.. For Free?


Band waive their fee for Spain.

As one of the countries worst hit by the current economic crisis, Spain is still firmly in recession and suffering high inflation and unemployment.Due to this, Bon Jovi considered skipping Madrid on their current tour, due to fears of low ticket sales.

“When we were planning the tour we did a study and found that, due to the economic situation, Spain was not on the road map…But we didn’t want to stop playing to the fans of a country that’s treated me so well for 30 years” says Jon.

However the band have now opted to play for free, driving ticket prices down. Tickets for the show in Madrid on June 27
have sold for about €20, covering only the costs of staging, crew and venue staff.

Meanwhile, the march towards Slane continues with the Jovi rolling into Ireland June 15th.

(Tickets from €79 for us in cash strapped Ireland btw!)