Bono Says Pope Francis Is “Aghast” Over Irish Church’s Sexual Abuse Crisis


Bono has held a meeting with Pope Francis at The Vatican hotel. The singer revealed that the pontiff is “aghast” at the sexual abuse crisis in the Irish church.

Bono spoke with the pope as part of a meeting for Bono’s ONE organisation. The U2 frontman is attempting to help tackle extreme poverty across the world. The ONE organisation is joining forces with a school-focused papal group called Scholas Occurrentes.

During the short meeting, both the Pope and the singer talked about the crisis in Ireland. Pope Francis recently admitted in Ireland that he was “ashamed” by the Church’s inability to address the “repellent crimes” of sexual abuse.

According to Reuters, Bono said, “Having just come from Ireland, inevitably, we talked about his (being) aghast about what has happened in the Church. I explained to him how it looks to some people that the abusers are being more protected than the victims and you could see the pain in his face,” he continued. “I felt he was sincere and I think he is an extraordinary man for extraordinary times.”

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