Broadcasting Authority Uphold Complaint Against George Hook


The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland has upheld a complaint about comments made by Newstalk presenter George Hook on his High Noon programme in September.

Referring to an assault on a woman in the UK, the broadcaster made remarks about the personal responsibility of rape victims and asked ‘is there no blame now to the person who put themselves in danger’.

An apology was issued the following day and George Hook was suspended for a time. The BAI has upheld the complaint saying the broadcaster failed to take corrective action in a timely fashion.

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland’s Compliance Committee considered 11 complaints concerning programmes aired on RTÉ One TV, RTÉ Radio 1, RTÉ 2FM, and Newstalk 106-108FM.

Five complaints were upheld/upheld in part and these related to the following broadcasts:-

  • RTÉ One TV: Eco Eye: 7th February 2017
  • Newstalk: Newstalk Breakfast: 27th July 2017
  • RTÉ Radio 1: Morning Ireland: 31st July 2017
  • Newstalk: High Noon: 8th September 2017

Six complaints were rejected. The Compliance Committee considered it appropriate not to publish two of these complaints. The other four complaints rejected related to the following broadcasts:

  • RTÉ 2FM: Game On: 3rd February 2017
  • RTÉ One TV: Ireland’s Property Crisis: 3rd and 10th April 2017
  • RTÉ One TV: The Late Late Show: 6th June 2017
  • Newstalk: Advert for MSL Motor Group: August 2017

The Executive Complaints Forum of the BAI considered and rejected 22 complaints.