By Ek! Spotify’s Billionaire Owner ‘Open’ To Purchasing Arsenal Along With Club Legends

Spotify owner and co-founder Daniel Ek

Swedish billionaire Daniel Ek, CEO and co-founder of music streaming service Spotify, has tweeted to say that he’s open to buying Arsenal F.C. if the current owner, Stanley Kroenke, was willing to sell.

The majority of Ek’s fortune comes from his 9% stake in Spotify, which he helped found in 2006. He became a billionaire in 2019,after taking his company public. Ek now has a net worth of $4.7 billion. Spotify is worth $54 billion.

Arsenal club owner Stan Kroenke built a fortune in real estate and is worth $8.2 billion, according to Forbes. Kroenke oversees a sports empire that includes the Los Angeles Rams and Denver Nuggets. He originally became sole owner of ‘The Gunners‘ in 2019 after acquiring a majority stake and is not looking to sell according to all known reports.

It’s reported club legends Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp and Patrick Vieira are working with the creator of the music streaming service to make an offer.

American Kroenke is under pressure following their involvement in the failed European Super League.

Arsenal is the eighth most valuable club in the world worth $2.8 billion, according to Forbes’ calculations.

Arsenal are way off the pace sitting in 9th place in the English Premier League. After 12 of Europe’s biggest teams—including Arsenal—announced a new European Super League, there was a swift and fierce revolt.

Eight of the 12 original clubs have now withdrawn from the Super League. Fans have recently taken to the streets, denouncing team owners for their involvement in the competition and accusing them of lining their own pockets.

Several American team owners have notably come under fire, including Kroenke: #KroenkeOut was trending on Twitter and fans have continued to protest outside of Arsenal’s stadium.

Kroenke and his son Josh—who helps run Arsenal—have publicly apologised to fans for the Super League debacle, but reiterated they have no intention of selling the team.