Calls For Irish Government To Take Action Over Syria


More needs to be done by the Irish government for the people of Syria. That’s the message from the Irish Syria Solidarity Movement after the UK, US and France launched overnight strikes in Douma. Russian president Vladimir Putin has branded the military action as an ‘act of aggression.’

Leonie O’Dowd of the movement feels that the Irish governement and Russia are ‘too cosy.’ In an statement Ms O’Dowd explained that, ‘the Irish Governement has not in any way stood up for the Syrian people by taking financial action which is the most effective action to take against these criminal regimes.’

Meanwhile, The UK, US and France are briefing other allies on the military action in Syria at a Nato meeting that is underway.

The British Labour leader has criticised the Prime Minister, insisting ‘bombs won’t save lives’ following last night’s airstrikes. Theresa May approved the action overnight, alongside the US and France.

The UN secretary general, Antonio Guterres says the cold war has returned. In a statement Mr Guterres said, ‘The Cold War is back with a vengeance, but with a difference. The mechanisms and the safeguards to manage the risks of escalation that existed in the past no longer seem to be present.’

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