Clampers Resume Full Service In Dublin City


From this morning clampers have returned to full operation in Dublin City.

Dublin City Council confirmed the news and outlined that clamping rules were never fully suspended amid the pandemic, although clamping activity had been “substantially scaled back”.

The authority says it has been trying to facilitate healthcare workers during the coronavirus and this will continue.

Alan Robinson, chief executive of the Docklands Business Forum, says those who can drive should be encouraged to do so by making parking free in the yellow zone.

“If you make parking ‘paying’ again, you’re going to do one of two things,”.

“You’re going to force them to use a parking metre that’s been identified as a carrier or the virus and they’re going to have to use that multiple times during the day coming back and forth out of their office or they’re going to use public transport and there’s going to be more interaction with other people using public transport.”