Closure Order On Dublin Restaurant Following Evidence Of Rat Excrement

A rat

A closure order has been served on part of La Cave restaurant on South Anne Street in Dublin after the discovery of rat deposites in dry-goods storage.

The order was served by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland on September 29th. The closure order stated “Rat activity was noted in the dry-goods store with evidence by means of rat droppings on the shelves and floors behind fridges and freezers.

Grease smears” were found on crockery on shelves, the report added, while “gnaw marks and a hole” in the partition wall provided evidence of the activity of the vermin.

The order further stated “There was a lack of routine cleaning in this store.” “There was a lack of routine maintenance to exclude rats from the premises.”

Rats carry most of the major food poisoning organisms in their gut and because they climb, they are likely to contaminate food, drink, equipment and all areas of the premises,” it said. “Rats also urinate frequently which can contaminate food stocks.”

A prohibition order was issued on Brazucas Market on Parnell Street in Dublin, while two prosecutions were taken by the FSAI and the Health Service Executive in relation to Peter J Lyons in Ratoath, Meath and High Nelly’s pub in Knocklonagad, Carlow, last month.

Dr Pamela Byrne, chief executive of the FSAI, said it is “a continuous disappointment” that each month food inspectors find serious non-compliances in food businesses that can put consumers’ health at risk.