Competition: Show Us Your Ink To Win An Amazing New Tattoo


We have a “tattoo for you” prize up for grabs as we get ready for the Dublin International Tattoo Convention! The convention is on August 4th, 5th and 6th in the Convention Centre, Dublin! The prize isn’t just any tattoo, it’s a 3 hour sitting for an amazing piece of tattoo artwork with one of the world’s leading tattoo artists.



The winner of the prize can choose to be tattooed by one of the following artists:

Lydia BrunoTattoo, Competition: Show Us Your Ink To Win An Amazing New Tattoo

Lydia was born in London and has been an artist all her life. She’s an adventurous person and lives by the motto “burn your own path.” She specialises in black and grey photorealism tattoos and has been tattooing for over 8 years! Music is a driving force in Lydia’s work, along with coffee, blood and fire! Lydia features on season 4 of Spike TV’s InkMaster where she proudly declared “this competition is like chess and I am the queen.”

Instagram: @lydiabruno13


HorimyoTattoo, Competition: Show Us Your Ink To Win An Amazing New Tattoo

Horimyo is a Japanese artist who specialises in using the tebori tradition of tattooing – without a machine. Instead, the tattoos are done completely by hand using a rod made out of metal or wood with a number of needles on the end. Horimyo is based out of Saitama, Japan and learned the technique in the traditional Japanese method. He is passionate about his technique and keeps the outlines and colours of his work true to the traditional tebori style.

Instagram: @horimyo


JC SheitanTattoo, Competition: Show Us Your Ink To Win An Amazing New Tattoo

This artist is one of a kind. JC Sheitan Tenet lost one of his arms 22 years ago. Which is a horrific thing for anyone to go through, but even tougher if you’re a tattoo artist. Fellow French artist and engineer Gonzal partnered up with JC to invent a prosthetic arm that could actually tattoo!

Instagram: @jcsheitan


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And to win this great prize just tweet us or post to our facebook with the hashtag #NOVAINK. Send us a pic of yourself, tell us what tattoo you want, where you want it and who you want to do it.

5 lucky people will win weekend passes to the Dublin International Tattoo Convention on August 4,5 and 6 in the Convention Centre and 1 lucky person will win the “tattoo for you” which will happen at the convention too! At the convention itself, we will live-stream on Facebook the big event when you get the tattoo for all the world to see on our Radio Nova Facebook page!

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