Domino’s Stroke Of Marketing Genius Incorporating Mescal’s GAH Togs For Maynooth Staff

Domino's - Maynooth - Staff shorts! - instagram - dominos_roi

Domino Pizza‘s new store in Maynooth has inserted a clever twist into its staff uniform by incorporating a piece of clothing inspired by a local star.

The new takeaway near TESCO in the Carton Retail Park in the bustling Co. Kildare village have taken to using the ‘short-shorts’ used by local acting legend Paul Mescal as Connell when playing gaelic football in ‘Normal People’ which launched his spectacular rise to fame in recent years.

Oscar-nominated Mescal’s O’Neill’s branded shorts, when either acting or walking or jogging in Hollywood broke the internet, especially when he wore them to Coachella last year.

Paul Mescal – Togs

However, Domino’s claim they don’t know who Paul Mescal is – it’s just a homage to the ‘Normal People‘ of Maynooth!!!

Domino’s, disappointingly but unsurprisingly says that they won’t be available for the general public to purchase.

The Chief Operation Officer of the Domino’s Maynooth branch George Bertram said:

Our new Domino’s store in Maynooth was the ideal location for the fashion shoot to reveal our new Spring Summer uniform, the Short Short as an ode to local Gaelic Football, and our local Hollywood icon.”