Drivers Could Be Banned Off The Road For Half A Pint Of Beer

Drinking Beer Driving

Drink drivers caught flouting the law will be put off the road with no exceptions. An amendment to The Road Traffic Bill was passed through the Dail this week. The tough new drink driving rules mean drivers could be banned even if they’ve only had half a pint of beer. Motorists caught over the drink-driving limit of 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood will be hit with an automatic driving ban

Previously, drivers faced a 200 euro fine and three penalty points. Gardaí have recorded 4,274 motorists drink-driving so far this year, but it is not clear how many have benefited from receiving penalty points in lieu of a driving ban.

According to All Car Leasing food such as Tiramisu, hot sauce and even olives could put you over the limit. They claim that two family-sized Tiramisus – equivalent to eight to 10 portions – with 100ml of Brandy in the recipe could put you over the limit.

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