Dublin Airport Warns of Scam ‘Lost Luggage’ Sale

Dublin Airport Warns of Scam 'Lost Luggage' Sale
Image: Shutterstock
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Dublin Airport has warned people about a number of scam Facebook accounts falsely claiming to be connected to the airport, offering ‘lost luggage for sale.’

The ads, which have appeared on Facebook and X/Twitter, fraudulently offer pieces of lost luggage to the public for just €2.

“We are urgently clearing out the airport warehouse and selling more than 750 lost suitcases! To buy, go to the website and place an order,” one post said.

Dublin Airport has encouraged the public not to engage with or give personal information to these accounts, and to report them to Meta/Facebook.

The social media posts link to an external website, which features phony testimonials from supposed ‘happy customers.’

‘We are urgently clearing out the airport warehouse and selling luggage that has been unattended for more than 6 months,’ the website claims.

‘According to the rules, it should be disposed of, but we are organising a charity event and giving it away for just €2.’

The website and social media accounts have no association with Dublin Airport and there are no ‘lost luggage sales.’