Calls for St. Brigid’s Day To Become Public Holiday

St. Brigid's Cross

There is now calls for the 1st of February (today) to be turned into a public holiday.

It’s been suggested that St Brigid’s Day could be used as a memorial day for those who have died with Covid-19.

The start of spring is being marked today on the Gaelic calendar.

President Michael D Higgins has issued a special message on St Brigid’s Day.

Generations of Irish women have benefitted from her inspiration and legacy. Today as we recall her story with admiration, may we also resolve to seek inspriation in her example to pursue our ideal of equality.”

The first of February is St Brigid’s Day, the first day of spring in the pre-Christian Gaelic calendar.

It’s thought Brigid was originally worshipped as a pagan goddess — which means the tradition dates back to the Iron Age and beyond.

Ireland has nine bank holidays – one in every month except for February, July and September.

This is lower than other European countries such as Spain which enjoys 12 such days and France which has 13.

Junior Minister for Research and Development Martin Heydon says he has asked the Taoiseach to consider it:

It would bridge the long gap between our public holidays between the 1st of January and the 17th of March. It would boost our tourism and hospitality sectors. It would be a public holiday celebrating a strong Irish woman who’s powerful leadership inspired all that she encountered.

Last year it was suggested that an extra bank Holiday could be on the cards to boost tourism, however, there has been no further update if such a measure is to be introduced.

Those supporting the idea say it would be a fitting way to recognise the sacrifices of the Irish people during the pandemic and highlight the hope ahead.