DUP Blast May Plan As Sammy And Co Say NO !!!


The Democratic Unionists and some Conservative eurosceptics say they can’t support Theresa May’s EU withdrawal deal.

MPs will vote on the agreement this evening, after the British Prime Minister got reassurances from the EU over the Irish backstop.

British MPs will decide shortly whether to back the deal – two months after it suffered the biggest UK government defeat in history.

Sky News analysis suggests the British Prime Minister’s agreement will be defeated by over 100 votes.

The DUP and some Conservatives say they won’t support it because they still have concerns over the Irish backstop.

Sammy Wilson was speaking after Theresa May announced “legally binding changes” to the withdrawal agreement.

Speaking to radio station LBC, East Antrim MP Wilson said: “We had made it quite clear we expected legally-binding changes which would ensure our government solely had control over any backstop, that those legally-binding changes would ensure that in the future arrangements with Europe we would have control over our trade, laws and money. And that those legally-binding changes would ensure the integrity of the union.

“I have got to say if you look at what the prime minister has said so far it seems to fall short of what she herself had promised. She is simply saying it reduces the chances of us being kept in the backstop.”

, DUP Blast May Plan As Sammy And Co Say NO !!!