Dywer Interjects Three Times From His Own Seat In Appealing Murder Of Elaine O’Hara

Graham Dwyer

Drama has unfolded in the courts today as the convicted murderer Graham Dwyer interjected three times from his own seat in the midst of murder conviction appeal today.

He told the Court of Appeal he did not send a text message to murder victim Elaine O’Hara saying he ‘would like to ‘stab a girl to death.’

Its the second day of his appeal against his conviction for the murder in 2012 of Ms. O’Hara.

It was the first of three interjections from Dwyer during submissions by prosecuting counsel, Sean Guerin.

After the third interjection, Appeal Court President Mr. Justice George Birmingham said he would have Dwyer removed to the cells if there were any more.

Dwyer is appealing his conviction on a number of grounds. A significant part of his appeal focuses on the retention and accessing of data relating to his work mobile phone, which his lawyers say was used to link him to other phones and to messages sent to Ms O’Hara.