Employers Legally Obliged To Let Staff Get Covid Jab While Varadkar Urges ‘Name & Shame’

Tanaiste Leo Varadkar

The Tánaiste has said people need to “name and shame” employers that are docking pay or making workers pay back time missed for vaccine appointments.

There are multiple reports of people being docked pay for the time they miss to get a vaccination.

Others were asked to reschedule their appointment for a day they’re not working. Leo Varadkar says there should be no need for this to be causing issues.

He said: “A bit of name and shaming might help – I’d certainly like to see people let us know about companies and employers that are behaving in that way.

This is a little bit like a medical appointment – it’s usually possible with a bit of common sense, on both sides, to arrange working times around it.

Mr Varadkar said it’s in the interests of an employer that their staff are vaccinated, so they should do their best to allow time off for vaccine appointments.

Meanwhile Richard Grogan – Employment and Personal Injury Law Solicitor explained that employers are “legally obliged” to let their staff get vaccinated when it’s their turn.

He said: “It doesn’t matter whether they’re seasonal workers or any kind of worker.

Its victimisation of the employee. The employee can bring the [employer] down to the Workplace Relations Commission, say ‘this is the obligation of the employer… I wasn’t allowed go… can I have compensation please?’ That compensation could be up to two years’ wages – that’s how serious this is.

This is a health and safety requirement… this is part and parcel of having a safe workplace. You’re obliged as an employer to actually encourage staff to get vaccinated.”