Free PR For Ryanair As O’Leary Cream Pied In Stunt

Ryanair - CEO Michael O'Leary - Cream Pied in Brussels via @Ryanair

Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary was cream pied outside the European Commission’s headquarters in Brussels as he prepared to hand in a petition this morning.

He was approached by two women who slapped him in the head with cream pies before strolling off bawling out: “Welcome to Belgium! Stop the pollution of your… planes.”

Mr O’Leary responded nonchalantly “well done” as he was lathered with cream with only a handkerchief to mop up the mess.

Ryanair’s made light of the incident on their account on X – formerly known as Twitter – “Instead of buying cream pies, could have bought a flight from Belgium for the same price.

Another post said: “Shame it was soy-based cream, definitely not as tasty as the real stuff.

Mr O’Leary was handing in a petition with 1.5 million signatures for European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen to stop preventing airlines from flying over countries – even if they are not landing in them – during local air traffic control (ATC) strikes.