Gardaí Ditch Dowdy Duds For Sharper, Slicker Street Getup

Garda - New Uniform - An Garda Siochana

Polo shirts and cargo-style operational trousers have become part of the Garda Uniform from today.

The change comes following on from an internal Garda Cultural Audit Where members called for a more practical operational uniform.

It’s only the third time the uniform has been changed in the past 100 years.

Abolishing the shirt and tie for the new uniform establishes a more casual and modern look.

The new look is also underpinned by the so called “operational” looser fitting and more comfortable cargo pants.

The two tone colours – vibrant yellow and dark navy blue – stand out and seem to co-ordinate, if not deliberately, with the colour schemes on existing Garda patrol cars.

Blue is widely used for uniforms and less severe than black while yellow, the colour most visible from the furthest distance, is a familiar and functional safety shade.

Garda uniform – full