Leo’s ‘Be Real’ With The Youth Shows He’s Down With The Kids In Keeping Finger On The Pulse

TikTok - Leo Varadkar - Courtesy: @michael.lambe

A video has appeared on TikTok of a group of young people taking a ‘Be Real‘ with the Tánaiste.

That’s apparently a social media app that prompts people to post a photo with both their front and back camera with no filters or edits.

While pressing the flesh with the patrons at the returning Tullamore show on Sunday the Fine Gael leader was only too keen to help make one young man’s day even brighter.

There’s been a positive response with tiktok users commenting “Leo understood the assignment” and “ahahah I’m not a fan of Leo but he looks so happy 🤣🤣🤣

In the video, Leo Varadkar is handed a phone to take the photo – he snapped it of a group of young people, also taking a selfie in the process: