WATCH: The Winners Off To Bat Out Of Hell The Musical


Bat Out of Hell The Musical, featuring the greatest hits of Jim Steinman & Meatloaf is coming to Dublin at Bord Gais Energy Theatre from August 30th for two weeks only!

Forget everything you know about musicals, Bat out of Hell uniquely combines the magic and excitement of a musical with the immense energy of rock ‘n’ roll. I’ve seen it and it’s a fantastic 5 stars!

PJ & Jim on Morning Glory asked you to bring a Meatloaf classic to life and we had some great entries but nothing came close to the effort from Charlie Turbitt!

Charlie will be at opening night of Bat out of Hell The Musical at Bord Gais Energy Theatre and enjoy an overnight stay in The Hard Rock Hotel Dublin where you can see priceless pieces from artists such as David Bowie, Phil Lynott & The Rolling Stones and in your room there is also a record player and you can rock out with an in-room jam session by requesting a Fender guitar, amp and headphones from the hotel’s Vibe Manager!

And the runners up who also win tickets to see the show are…

  • Francis Healy aged 13 was dressed in his suit and looking smart
  • And Orla dobbed in her husband saying everytime Meatloaf comes on Nova she gets serenaded with lovely videos from Luke miming and sometimes singing along