Garda’s Stab Vest Ripped By Man Resisting Arrest


A young man ripped a Garda’s stab vest, whilst being aprehended by Gardaí for shouting abusive language at a passing patrol car.

The court heard how 28 year old Karl Fitzsimons was arrested for shouting abuse at officers, before going on to resist arrest.

Judge Bryan Smyth adjourned the case for a probabtion report and compensation.

Fitzsimons pleaded guilty to criminal damage, garda obstruction as well as threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour.

This incident took place on North Great George’s Street at 10 pm on 27 October 2020.

Fitzsimons arrested by Garda:

The court was told about how Karl Fitzsimons verbally abused Gardaí when they stopped, on the night in question. Fitzsimons violently resisted arrest and ripped one of the garda’s stab vests. The damage cost about €50.

While the police were chasing him, Fitzsimons also threw broken glass in their direction.

“Embarrassed and ashamed by his actions”

Roy O’Neill, Fitzsimons solictor told the court that his client had mental health issues and worked in construction, but was currently unemployed.

Mr O’Neill added that Karl Fitzsimons was “embarrassed and ashamed by his actions”, and has apologised to the Garda involved.

The solictor also asked the judge to leave his client with no convictions.

Judge Smyth described this incident as “serious” and said that Mr Fitzsimons would have to pay compensation for the damage caused. He also added that he would have to co-operate with the probation service.

In other news, a teenager is due in court having been charged with alledged assault and robbery in Cork.

Last Thursday, a man was walking around Bishopstown before being approached by two men, who demanded he hand them his two mobile phones.

A Garda launched an investigation as the victim had a “Find My Phone App” installed, enabling them to track the phones’ location.

Sergeant Brian McSweeney said,

“Mobile phones and tablets can be very expensive so it makes them targets for criminals. The use of the find my phone app in this incident was the key to recovering the phone”.

“It can be very hard to recover stolen and lost mobile phones. We recommend downloading a trusted location finder app so if it is lost or stolen, you have a better chance of getting it back”.

“Some phones already have a feature like this already so have a look in the security settings on your phone”.

“We also highly recommend that you add a family member or friend as an emergency contact in your phone”. Sergeant McSweeney added.