Green Fur Puppy Born In Italy

Green Fur Puppy Born In Italy
Pistachio's Glorious Green Fur Is Already Fading
2020 just keeps getting weirder. Italian farmer, Cristiano Mallocci was in for a surprise when his dog, Spelacchia, gave birth to a litter of five lovely puppies. Spelacchia, a mixed-breed, is a light-cream coloured dog. Four of her pups were just like her.
The fifth, however, was the shocker. Cristiano, tending the newborns, couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the chubby little pet. Its fur was green! Mallocci named the unusual puppy, Pistachio, straight away.


The rare occurrence – a dog being born with green fur – is caused by exposure to biliverdin, a substance secreted by the liver, while in the womb. Humans produce this substance too. Biliverdin is responsible for the greenish tinge to some bruises. Although, it’s not known if any human beings have been born with green skin. That’ll be the next thing for 2020, no doubt.

Mr Mallocci plans to give away the rest of the litter but he’s keeping Pistachio to work with him on his Sardinian sheep farm. Green is a colour of hope and luck, the happy dog owner says. And that’s something we all need right now.  Maybe there’s hope for us all yet.

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