Head Of Homeless Charity Criticises Re-Appointment Of Housing Agency Chair As House Prices Set To Rise Further

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The head of a homeless charity has criticised the Government’s decision to re-appoint the Chair of the Housing Agency.

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It’s in the wake of Conor Skehan’s remarks earlier this week, claiming some people in emergency accommodation could be ‘gaming the system’ to get housing.

He also called for performance targets for charities working in the sector.

CEO of Inner City Helping Homeless Anthony Flynn doesn’t agree with the appointment saying “its very foolish on behalf of the department”.

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Conor Skehan via: youtube.com


House prices are expected to rise again this year by 8 per cent across the country.

Some areas of Limerick could see a jump of 20 percent while increases in Dublin will range from 5 to 10 per cent.

The details will be published in the Sunday Times Property Price Guide Tomorrow.