Health Minister Warns Yes Vote On Abortion Is Not Guaranteed


The Health Minister says a ‘yes’ vote on the abortion referendum can’t be taken for granted.

Concerns have been raised that legislation allowing terminations without restriction up to 12 weeks may not pass a Dáil vote if the public agree to remove the eighth amendment.

A number of Senior Government Ministers have yet to say how they would vote on the 12 week proposal.

Speaking in Wicklow this morning Simon Harris says he’s still confident the necessary legislation will pass:

“I think it’s very much two steps to this and I’m very concerned that everyone’s talking about step two as thought step one can be taken for granted and that’s not the case and it’s a dangerous place to be in…If the Irish people want to see any change in our abortion laws – we have to repeal the eighth amendment…Obviously if the Irish people do repeal the Eighth amendment that will allow the Oireachtas to put in place laws obviously like most other European countries do.”