Heineken Drop Non Selling Limp Stout

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Heineken Ireland is to reportedly end sales of Island’s Edge after little to no demand for the product.

Heineken Ireland launched the stout in mid-2021 with a target of capturing 10% of the market, long since dominated by the brand giant Guinness.

The Irish Times reports that in recent months the business has indicated that Island’s Edge had yet to gain traction despite its multimillion euro marketing push.

The brewer is speculated to have invested €20m into the product in a bid to recapture and repeat the successful 2015 launch of Orchard Thieves cider of which it is an investor.

The initial launch used the promotional slogan: “Unexpectedly refreshing,” but a subsequent campaign introduced another catchphrase: “It’s better, not bitter”.

On Wednesday, industry figures reported that most pubs had simply stopped ordering Island’s Edge from Heineken Ireland as there was “little or no demand” for it.