Hurricane Epsilon Set To Hit Ireland

Hurricane Epsilon Set To Hit Ireland
Battering Winds, Rain And Thunder To Hit Ireland

Tropical Storm Epsilon has become a hurricane as it moves towards Bermuda and away from the US. The storm has been battering the Southern States over the past few days. The hurricane is expected to turn in a North Easterly direction, setting it on a collision path with Ireland.

If it follows its expected path, it will hook up with the Jet Stream and strengthen even further. The hope is that the hurricane will track in a North Westerly direction as it approaches Ireland but, at this stage, it is too early to tell what Hurricane Eplison’s exact path will be.

Met Éireann says that Ireland will feel at least some impact from Epsilon, no matter what its path.”It’s expected to strengthen over the next couple of days before then taking a north-east turn which will bring it in the general direction of Ireland. “Epsilon will also bring wet and very windy or stormy weather after dark, in strong to gale force and gusty south to southwest winds. The rain will turn thundery at times with the risk of hail.”

Tuesday is expected to be the worst day for Epsilon’s effects. So batten down those hatches and keep an eye out for Met Éireann updates here