It’s Gonna Lash Lads

It's Gonna Lash Lads
Get Your Umbrellas Out

Buckle up, lads! Met Éireann has issued a countrywide Yellow Warning for rain. The warning says, “Heavy rain at times Monday and Tuesday with a risk of local flooding. Rainfall totals of around 20-30mm expected, possibly higher in mountainous areas.”

We’re going to be lashed out of it for the next two days. Flash floods can be expected around the country and periods of persistent and heavy rain will occur.

“While some areas will remain below warning levels, there is a risk of localized spot flooding with a heightened risk of flash flooding in mountainous regions where accumulations are expected to be highest. This warning will be reviewed and may be elevated in further updates to reflect the evolving situation.”

We’re used to this kind of thing, of course, but coming on the day when we’re likely to see extra Covid-19 restrictions being imposed in Ireland, a bit of good weather news might have lifted our spirits. The deluge will continue until at least Tuesday night.

On top of this gales, up to Gale Force 8, are expected to hit coastal waters on Monday night. Chin up and get the rain coats out!

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