It’s The Pitts. Strike Means Sad Brad Can’t Use F-1 Footage

Brad Pitt - Untitled F-1 Movie - (IMDB)
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It’s widely reported that Brad Pitt‘s Formula One movie project plans have been severly hampered with hours of footage already shot on location globally rendered unusable.

The new movie is to see the Hollywood veteran double up as both actor and film producer for the much anticipated project.

The film is yet to get an official title but is believed to go by Apex duly named as the team whose manager brings Pitt’s character back as a mentor for an up-and-coming star driver.

Pitt has been taking in F-1 events around the world, including the British GP at Silverstone where he was interviewed by Martin Brundle of Sky Sports and in France.

Shooting was stopped during the SAG-AFTRA strike while on location in Budapest. The end of the strike in Hollywood this week brought considerable changes in sponsorship deals.

Critically these new deals mean that previously shot footage can no longer be used in the finished film.

Tech monolith Apple and other project backers are looking at tens of millions worth of lost footage.

Even with Formula One offering the fictional team a place in the pits at Silverstone, moving an entire production team and arranging shooting on location is expensive.

At Silverstone, for example, the APXGP team got its own garage and did several laps as the cameras rolled.

For once, the star of the hour wasn’t Pitt, but the black-gold Formula 1 car with the Mercedes-Benz logo and the APXGP branding.
It was actually a Formula Two car modled to resemble an F1 one. Director Joseph Kosinski is onboard with stars Javier Bardem, Damson Idris, and Tipperary woman Kerry Condon.
, It’s The Pitts. Strike Means Sad Brad Can’t Use F-1 Footage
Brad Pitt and Javier Bardem in Untitled Formula One Racing Movie © Sky Sports