Johnny Marr Announces New Album Will Be Coming Soon


Johnny Marr has announced that his new solo record will be called ‘Call The Comet’ and is coming any day now. The guitarist posted on Instagram a new photo as well as a teaser for his new album.

The guitarist was speaking to the NME about what fans could expect from his new album,

‘You’d know it if you’d seen me with the band on my first two solo records, but it’s a little more emotional, out there and dramatic. The lyrics are a bit deeper. It’s mostly concerned with external things but there are a couple of personal songs on there for me. This time around, I had to imagine a society, rather than just report what I see.’

The former Smiths member explained he approached the new album with visions of a new world in mind,

‘There’s some H.G. Wells in there. I’ve been reading a lot of interesting stuff from the early 20th Century. It’s not quite utopian, but it’s imagining a new kind of society. That’s how I felt going into it at the start of last year.’

Last year Marr launched a new project with actress Maxine Peak that dealt with the issue of homelessness with the song ‘The Priest’.

More music and as well as live performances are expected from that collaboration later this year. Speaking about the work with Maxine Peak Marr said he wanted to try new things with the guitar,

‘I wanted to try something different and take the guitars in a slightly different direction. You can’t really do that in rock songs. I had this idea for some kind of abstract but emotional music built on the guitar, and the first person I thought of asking was Maxine Peake.’

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