Kevin Spacey Tells Trial ”I’m A Big Flirt”

Kevin Spacey

Actor Kevin Spacey has described himself as “a big flirt” during his sexual misconduct trial at Southwark Crown Court in London as he admitted “touching” one of his accusers but in a “romantic” way.

The Academy Award-winner took the stand facing twelve counts of sexual misconduct from four men that could land him a lengthy prison sentence. Some incidents date back to 2001.

Regarding an encounter with one accuser, the Oscar-winner said he never touched the man in an “aggressive” or a “violent way,” adding the man was “flirtatious” when they first met.

We had a very fun time together,” Spacey said he respected the decision by the accuser that he did not want to go any further.

That accuser claimed that Spacey sexually assaulted him several times but Spacey said he was stunned by those allegations of sexual misconduct.

I was crushed,” Spacey said about the allegations.” I never thought the [complainant] I knew over 20 years later would stab me in the back.”

Spacey said his relationship with the witness was not aggressive.

It was touching and to my mind romantic,” Spacey said. “It was not what he has described. The more we spent time with each other, the more comfortable we were with each other.”

The charges involve four men and include seven counts of sexual assault, three of indecent assault, one count of causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent, and one count of causing a person to engage in penetrative sexual activity without consent.