Largest Drop In PUP Payments Since They Began


There’s been the largest drop in the number of people claiming the pandemic unemployment payment since it was established.

67,000 who were claiming the payment last week are now back to work.

More than 345,000 people will be get the pandemic unemployment payment today at a cost of more than 100 million euro to the state.

But that’s significantly down on last week – with 67,300 fewer people seeking the PUP. That’s the largest decrease since the payment was set up.

Social Protection Minister Heather Humphreys has welcomed the news. She also hinted that the pandemic payment may be extended beyond its expiry date of August 10th.

Minister Humphreys is also bringing a memo to cabinet this afternoon that will address a hole in the legislation that meant anyone on the payment was not building up PRSI contributions.

This could have impacted their entitlements to maternity, paternity and illness payments as well as their pensions.

Legislation is being drafted to ensure all people on COVID support payments will continue to accrue social insurance contributions