Las Vegas A ‘Strong Contender’ For KISS’ Hologram Show


KISS are planning their own hologram show, with Las Vegas a “strong contender” to host it.

Having played their final show from their farewell tour at New York’s Madison Square Garden in December, KISS confirmed plans to debut digital versions of themselves, created by the team responsible for the iconic ‘ABBA Voyage’ hologram shows.

Confirming these plans on social media, the Rock ‘n’ Roll All Nite’ hitmakers wrote this.

“50 years is a long time, and what the future holds is in the making,” the caption reads, while the video includes the wording: “2027 a show is coming”.  More on this from Nova here.

“strong contender”

Speaking about possible venues for this hologram show, KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer has stated that the band have been looking into several cities.

“A show like this needs a theatre which is built specifically for the show, so we have to decide where it’s going to be. And there’s considerations about New York, Singapore, Dubai, London of course, but Las Vegas as well is a strong contender”, Thayer is reportedly quoted in saying by The Sun Newspaper’s Bizarre column.

He also added, “And I’m a big fan of Las Vegas. This is where I live. So I can see something like that possibly happening here, but we’ll just have to wait and see”. 

“ended the touring”

KISS who comprise of Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, and Eric Singer alongside Thayer, finished up with touring, while they are still physically able to deliver a demanding live show.

“We’ve just basically ended the touring”, Thayer said. “Gene, Paul Stanley, myself and Eric Singer have decided that because of the physicality of what KISS does, it’s a little bit different”. 

“It’s a heightened kind of a performance thing, and physically it’s even way beyond what the normal groups are doing”.

“That’s why we’ve decided to kind of bow out when things are still really strong with the band and the band is still really hot”. 

“I applaud all the groups that are out there doing what they’re doing at an advanced age”.

One person who is a fan of the hologram is Noel Gallagher, who recently said that he would be keen on a similar show for Oasis. More on that from Nova here.

Elsewhere, Pophouse Entertainment reportedly paid $300 million to buy KISS’ name, logo, make up and rights to music catalogue.

Despite this, Gene Simmons insisted that the deal was not based on money. More on this here.