Last Minute Christmas Shopper? We Have You Covered


If you’re anything like us, you’re guaranteed to be a last minute shopper.

You have the best of plans to get all your gifts before December even looms, but here we are, Christmas week, a bundle of presents for ourselves but nothing for anyone else.

The only thing is – because we’re so used to being in this situation, we have become somewhat pros in the area.

And we’re generous, so we’re going to help you pick the perfect last minute gifts this Christmas, whether it’s for your mum, dad, brother, sister, friend or partner, we have Christmas sorted (well, at least in our minds we do!).

Maltesers Pop-Up

This will literally go down a treat! The Maltesers pop-up shop in Arnott’s offers personalised selection boxes, an ideal Christmas gift for chocolate lovers and you can choose from Maltesers, Galaxy or Snickers! And they’re not bad on the pocket either – they’re only open until 6pm on Christmas Eve though, so hurry!


Kerastase, Redken & Decleor

This is a winner on all fronts! People may say gift sets don’t take a lot of thought, but you can be guaranteed it’s a gift that will get the most use. The Kerastase and Decleor range for women and the Redken range for men are amazing quality and all quite affordable too! They can be found in salons nationwide and online.

KerastaseDecleorShopper, Last Minute Christmas Shopper? We Have You Covered

Music Lover?

1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die will have the music lover in your life dying with excitement! This is genuinely one of the best presents we have ever received – a purchase you won’t regret. It can be found in all bookshops or online and it won’t set you back a trunk.

Shopper, Last Minute Christmas Shopper? We Have You Covered

Fitness Fanatic?

The keep fit message really struck home in 2017 and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down in 2018. If you want to help keep your loved ones motivated or feel like supporting their new endeavours the Fit Bit is the perfect gift to seek.

Shopper, Last Minute Christmas Shopper? We Have You Covered

Cocktail Connoisseur?

OK so even if you’re not a cocktail lover, we can’t see these going to waste! These epic Moscow mules are our favourites, not alone do they consume our festive tipple but you can also have them personalised. Moreover, they can be used for those Christmas hot chocolate and marshmellow evenings too. Check them out hereShopper, Last Minute Christmas Shopper? We Have You Covered

Enjoy your shopping folks – no stress!

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