Life Sentence For Rival Motorbike Gang Member Murder

Alan Macnamara

A man has just been handed the mandatory life sentence for murdering a member of a rival motorcycle club in Limerick. Alan McNamara from Mountfune in Murroe, Co. Limerick shot Andrew O’Donoghue outside his clubhouse in July 2015.The court heard it was part of an apparent turf-war between the two clubs.

Alan McNamara is a member of the Caballeros Motorcycle Club and Andrew O’Donoghue was a member of rival gang the Road Tramps. On July 19th 2015, Mr. McNamara was beaten up outside a pub in Doon, County Limerick by some Road Tramps bikers as part of an apparent turf-war.

His leather sleeveless jacket with club patches was taken from him – the ultimate insult to a biker, the court heard. He claimed he and his family were later threatened outside his home by three members of the Road Tramps – one of whom had a gun.


The next day, he drove up to their clubhouse where he met Andrew O’Donoghue at the gates and shot him in the head. He claimed he was acting in self-defence, but the jury disagreed and found him guilty of murder back in July.

His stepson Robert Cusack will be sentenced at 2 o’ Clock for hiding the gun used to kill Mr. O Donoghue.