Listen: Ben Stiller Shares Song By His High School Punk Band!


Capital Punishment, the name of the punk band that featured Ben Stiller on drums, has shared a track called “Confusion”. It’s from their forthcoming reissue album, 1982’s Roadkill. You can check it out below.

The band premiered the track in a recent interview with Rolling Stone. The DIY sounding “Confusion” features edgy guitar riffs mixed with synth swells and a weird duck noise that work as a compliment to the song’s haunting vocals.

Stiller regrets his poor drumming skills in the RS interview and also reflects on the band’s only ever gig, which they played under the moniker Rent a Gong, Stiller’s partner in crime, Roebling, explained, “It was a variety night for students. We just did sort of like an upbeat instrumental, a sort of jazz-like song.” They also spoke about their accidental hand in the naming of a KISS album, a moment that came about after they had dinner with Gene Simmons.

Roebling continues, “He was into a movie that my mom was in with Robert Duvall called Tomorrow, and at the time he was trying to become an actor. He wound up knowing someone that knew my mom, and he wanted to talk to her about that project. And called up out of the blue. And since I was such a huge Kiss fan, she was like, “Oh, my God, you’re that Gene Simmons? You gotta come over to dinner.” And so I instantly called the band … and we all came over and had dinner with Gene Simmons. And he was very nice, very cordial. We played him part of the album.”

There was specifically one song that we kind of thought of as being sort of inspired by Kiss, called “Creatures of the Dark.” And he said, “Oh, I like that, I like the name.” And then he went on to say, “Well, that’s cool, you guys got cool ideas, but you just gotta get your technique together.”

Later that year I come home and the guy at the front door is like, “Kriss, a Mr Simmons came by and he said he thought you would like this.” And so it’s this package and I open it up and it’s an advance copy of their next album [1982’s Creatures of the Night]. And, so, needless to say, it was quite a powerful moment [laughs].

Stiller also confirmed that they’ve recorded some new songs that Roebling says are “hopefully going to be released pretty soon.” The reissue of Roadkill is due out on September 14th. Pre-orders are up and running for the reissue.

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