LISTEN: Stefanie Preissner Tested For Covid-19 At Croke Park.


Radio Nova’s Stefanie Preissner has been tested for Coronavirus.

She explained the experience of using the Croke Park drive-thru Covid-19 testing centre to Colm & Lucy, reassuring people by describing what happens when you arrive at the facility was “like driving onto a ferry”.

Stefanie says, “At the Appointment only Covid-19 drive thru testing centre at Croke Park you are handed a mask, this instruction sheet and guided through the car park to where there are 8 bays to test people. At the bay there are two nurses. One takes your details and hands you two tissues. The other comes and swabs your nose and throat with one swab. When the 8 cars have all been tested you all drive out and the next 8 come in. Queuing aside it takes around 4-6 minutes. Not painful. Slightly intimidating in its formality but very well organised and impressively run.”

Croke Park is just one of over 30 sites earmarked by the HSE as an area to test for Covid-19, as expected cases of the virus could reach 15,000 within the coming weeks.

Munich-born but Mallow-raised, Stefanie Preissner is the creator of hit comedy-drama series Can’t Cope, Won’t Cope. The show was originally commissioned by RTÉ but since then both seasons have been broadcast on BBC and acquired by Netflix. Why Can’t Everything Just Stay the Same?, her first book (published in 2017), was an Irish bestseller and nominated for an Irish Book Award. Can I Say No? is her second book.