Long Time Journey Manager Herbie Herbert Dies Aged 73


Walter James “Herbie” Herbert II who was best known as Journey’s longtime manager has died aged 73. It was reported that Herbert died of natural causes on October 25.

Having started his career as a roadie for Santana, Herbert is a protége of the legendary promoter Bill Graham. He also managed a group from San Franciso called Frumious Bandersnatch. This band also included Journey members George Tickner and Ross Valory.

Following Santana’s split in 1973, Herbert set up the band Journey. He continued as their full-time manager. He played a big role in their business operations and dealings. This included employing the use of large screen videos.

The band had hits such as that 1981 classic “Don’t Stop Believin”. 

Other operations saw the band create an in-house recording environment under the name Nightmare Productions.

Herbert remained as Journey’s manager until his resignation in 1993. He resigned after singer Steve Perry asked to leave the band due to personality clashes.

A close friend of Herbert, John Selvin said this of the man.

“He had one of those personalities that tended toward teaching, coaching, sharing and encouraging”. 

The San Franciso Chronicle reporter also added, “It was in his DNA. Journey was always Herbie’s idea, it was his band. The musicians didn’t have a vision; they wanted to make money, and Herbie steered them in that direction. He was the complete guiding hand. I always called him the military-industrial complex of rock, and he took that as a compliment. He had an enormous spirit. Seeing him in action was awesome”. 

“fought like a motherf*****”

Taking to Instagrm, Journey’s guitarist Neal Schon paid this tribute to Herbert.

“I’ll cherish all the incredible times and trials and tribulations we experienced together”, he wrote.

“Herbie was an incredible hands-on manager and fought like a mother****** for all of us every step of the way. I can easily say that without his vision there would have never been many of the innovative things that we shared. I hold the greatest times in my heart forever”.

See the tribute in full here.

Along with managing Journey and the Steve Miller Band, Herbert also recorded music of his own in the 1990s. Under the stage name Sy Klopps, he toured the San Francisco Bay Area with the Sy Klopps band. This band also occasionally featured Schon, Valery and Rolie.

Herbert is survived by his wife, daughters and siblings.