McDonalds In Wrexham Turns To Beethoven To Dissipate Teen Terrors

McDonalds - Wrexham - Beethoven

A branch of McDonalds in the North Wales Town of Wrexham has taken to playing Beethoven in a bid to quell and deter bad behaviour from the local scally’s.

The BBC reports that the Mickey D’s in the town’s Regent Street has made the move after recent police dispersal orders.

A group of 20 to 30 youngsters had caused “upset”, according to North Wales Police who claimed there’d been an ”allegation of assault,” while ”signs and coins were thrown at shop staff and younger children were chased by this group”.

Inspector Luke Hughes cited the “significant interest” in Wrexham AFC, the local football club now owned by actors Rob McElhenney and Deadpool himself Ryan Reynolds, thereby bringing far more people into the town than previously was the case.

Hughes said: “I absolutely will not allow this to be compromised because of a small minority of people and my intention is to deal firmly with this issue.

McDonalds issued a statement: “We are aware of anti-social behaviour affecting the wider area, and have introduced a number of measures in our Wrexham restaurant to support the police in tackling this issue.

These include playing classical music from 17:00 GMT and turning off the wi-fi at certain points in the evening.”