McGregor Wants Rematch With Nurmagomedov


Despite McGregor’s defeat and a fight that resulted in a chaotic brawl that took place at the T-Mobile arena over the weekend, the Dublin fighter posted on Twitter: “Good knock. Looking forward to a rematch.”

Nurmagomedov dominated McGregor throughout the fight, resulting in McGregor tapping out halfway through the fourth round following the Russian fighter trapping him in a rear-naked chokehold. However, McGregor has not let the fight affect his confidence, and posted another tweet a few hours after the fight, stating: “I’ll be back.”

The fight resulted in a night of violence and chaos, with a number of people entering the Octagon and attacked McGregor, who was hit on the back of the head multiple times. Three men from Nurmagomedov’s team were arrested for entering the Octagon. The release of footage of the incident also featured McGregor throwing a punch at a member of Nurmagomedov’s team.

UFC boss Mr White outlined that he had contacted McGregor after the fight, claiming: “I just talked with him, he’s OK. He’s upset about the fight – not the fight after the fight.” Mr White also stated that the night had been ruined by the incident.

The two fighters shared bad blood following McGregor’s attack on the Russian’s team bus after an event in New York in April. McGregor was charged with a number of offences following the incident, including a felony charge of criminal mischief and a misdemeanor charge of assault following the incident.

Check out the footage posted online below: